Amazon Return Package Information

We appreciate our customers who use our drop-off services. We are a retail shipping company (Authorized Shipping Outlet) for UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and LSO. We are NOT an official UPS or FedEx store. (These are located in the DFW metroplex.) Amazon has made a special agreement with the UPS store for returns that Cleburne Shipping does not participate in. We need the ACTUAL BARCODE for shipping the product to Amazon.

1. When you begin your return to Amazon on their website or mobile app, please pay special attention to the part that says “How will you mail your return?" A button is already checked for The UPS Store. 
2. If you look right below that box, there is a sentence in blue letters that says, “3 other return options.” Click on the blue sentence, then click on the radio button by UPS drop off
3. Then, click "Confirm." 
You can either print your label by clicking on the yellow "print" bar or click on "Email to a friend" and email the barcode to us at for Cleburne Shipping to print.
4. We must have a bar code label.  We cannot accept a QR code.


If you have already gone through the return process, you can go in and cancel your return and start your return again with the above instructions. We have directions printed out in-store if you need them printed out to work through the steps. Thank you!

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